Proto-pasta PC ABS

As stated in my previous blog post I was having some slight difficulties when it came to printing with Proto-pasta PC ABS filament on my Prusa i3 MK3S.

This week I have put some time into working with the filament some more. I explored using a small amount of cooling fan, in the same way I used the cooling fan on the PolyMax PC filament. This helped with the small details like the funnel as can be seen in the images below, however I think there are more layer artifacts that generally show up when a hot bead of filament is deposited on a comprably cold layer of plastic. 

 I also put down a layer of glue stick on to the bed, this solved the issues I was having with the purgebubble method.

Proto-pasta PC ABS printed without fan
Proto-pasta PC ABS printed with fan

Further work on this subject could potentially involved an investigation of how much the usage of the cooling fans affects the materials physical properties, tensile strength, flexural strength and impact toughness specifically. Hopefully I can secure some funding to get some lab testing done.

At first blush the layer to layer adhesion does seem a fair bit weaker on the Benchy printed with the fans engaged as one might expect.

As always the GitHub repository with these material profiles can be found here.


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