Modify machine presents in ChiTuBox slicer

I have been using the Elegoo Mars 3D printer for a month or so now, and so far I have been pretty impressed. There have been a few times when a print has failed because either supports have failed or the model has come away from the build plate, this could potentially be solved by slowing down the speed at which the printer lifts after a layer.

One thing I have noticed is that the ChiTuBox slicer is a little bit of a black box, a large amount of the options that you would expect to find in a slicing software are completely absent from the UI. With the release of ChiTuBox version 1.5.0 you can now export and import machine profiles from the UI so you can now more easily make changes to the machine settings.

In this blog post I will go through how to export the machine present from the ChiTuBox slicer, which lines to edit in the config file to slow the lift speed and how to reimport your modified machine profile.

Firstly, starting with version 1.5.0 of the ChiTuBox slicer there are import and export buttons on the 'settings' page of the slicer, which can be seen highlighted in red in the image below.

So from the main page hit the 'Settings' button on the right hand side and the panel above should appear, select the Elegoo Mars machine in the left most section and select the default profile (it should just be called profile) go ahead and click the top right most button (the export button) call it something like 'Elegoo Mars default' and put that somewhere you can find it, now open that file (I suggest using something like Notepad++) and now you are free to edit that config file.

Edit the lines that begin with 'bottomLayerLiftSpeed' and 'normalLayerLiftSpeed' (I changed them to 45 and 90 respectively) then save that file as something like 'Elegoo Mars slow lift speed'. Now go back into the ChiTuBox slicer and hit the import button, find your edited file and import it!

Now you can use your 'slow lift speed' profile to slice your files and hopefully give you a better chance of a successful print! I haven't done a back to back test to see how much of an impact it makes but it probably won't hurt!


  1. Challenging to really qualify, but it certainly didn't hurt! This methodology has been superseded in the newest version of ChiTuBox (>v1.6) where you can set the lift speed in the UI.


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