First steps with Blender

This week I have been learning a piece of software that I have had my eye on for a long time now. Blender has recently released version 2.8 of the 3D toolkit, with a large number of changes and overhauls. So it seemed like the ideal time to start learning.

I am principally interested in the 3D modelling tools, my goal is to create accessories for miniatures (weapons armour etc) I am choosing Blender over my normal 3D modelling package Fusion 360 because Blender is not nearly as structured and you can more easily and quickly tweak things 'until it looks right.'

I first followed the official Blender Fundamentals 2.8 playlist which can be found here. This gave me the basics of navigating the UI and tool sets. I then found a playlist by Blender Guru that features a basic project to get started with, this playlist can be found here. This playlist is unfortunately made using a previous version of Blender so there is some translation to be done in places to convert it into Blender 2.8, but with a few web searches I found it easy enough. Shown below is my (unfinished) first effort in Blender.

I have enjoyed learning Blender so far and will keep this blog updated with my progress!

(Updated 26/07/2019 with a less terrible image)


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