Elegoo MARS resin printer

This week I finally bought a resin printer, after looking at various models for about 6 months I finally settled on the reasonably new Mars printer from Elegoo. I purchased it from Amazon in the UK for just over £200. I also purchased some translucent green resin from Elegoo and some opaque grey resin from Anycubic.

I have been pretty impressed with the print quality so far, I started with the Rook model that came on the USB stick from the factory, which printed without a hitch. Then using the Elegoo Mars settings in the ChiTuBox slicer I printed a Benchy (because I love Benchys) and the Paladin demo model from Hero Forge. Both models came out great with the Paladin model needing a bit more help in the supports department.

In case you are unfamiliar, Hero Forge is a site that you can generate your own tabletop miniatures using their enormous libraries of components. You can order the mini printed directly from the site, or you can download the .stl file of the mini. It costs around 10USD for the .stl file.  On their site they have a couple of demo models that you can download and print to see how well they come out on your machine. Below is what the Paladin model looked like from my Elegoo Mars.

There is a slight crease in the cloak from a small layer shift, but otherwise it looks good. I have been satisfied so far with the quality of the printer and plan to use it to print tabletop and modelling components.


  1. Thanks for this! I was wondering what resin and exposure settings you used for these minis? I think my HF minis lose details in the face but im using recommended settings for the Elegoo grey resin

    1. Apologies, blogger was apparently hiding your comment from me.

      This was using the Elegoo ABS-like resin, 8 second exposure and 60 for the bottom layers, 0.05mm layer height.


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