A week of designing

This week I have been designing some bits and pieces. I designed some soft jaws for the smallest set of Knipex Pliers Wrench, it took me a few iterations to get the fit and the retention right, I printed them in soft TPU material and I am pretty pleased with how they came out. The .stl files can be found on my Thingiverse page.

I have also published the pipe adapter that I showed earlier on this blog and that has been uploaded here.

I recently purchased a set of Wera screwdrivers that came in an open topped carrier, specifically the Wera 2go 4. I was pretty impressed with the carrier itself and thought I could design some internal dividers to adapt it for other uses. I ended up designing a customisable divided organiser in OpenSCAD and publishing it here. 

I have not yet got the sizing right for the Wera 2go 4 carrier insert but I will get around to that in time and it will get published on my Thingiverse page. There are velco panels on the inside of the tool carrier so I think I will look to retain the organiser using some adhesive velcro strips.

A shot of a small customisable organiser I printed as a test.

This weekend I attended my first session as a repairer at the Portsmouth Repair cafe. The first item I was given was a large combination radio/CD player/record player with the customer stating the record player has never worked. After turning the volume up and giving the needle a gentle rub to absolutely no effect I gave up and just took the thing apart, after remediating what looked like a dodgy solder joint I tried again to no avail, unfortunately I was out of time and had to move on, not a great start. 

The rest of the day had me assisting in the repair of a record player (all mechanical, just needed a bit of cleaning and lubrication) and a solar powered LED light (dodgy rechargables where the customer could not get to them) I hope to attend again in July and hopefully save some more bits from landfill!


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