3D Printing new materials

This week I have been trying some new (to me) materials. I was really impressed with the Taulman t-glase that I printed a few months back, so I got some samples of PCTPE, Bridge and Alloy 910. I managed a decent first print with Taulman Bridge, the result of which is below (I really need some key lighting for this set up).

I also ordered a sample of Fillamentum CPE, which I was really impressed with! Again, results below!

I didn't make a great deal of changes from the original Prusa profile for the CPE, just bringing up the minimum layer time and bringing down the minimum speeds. The profile for Taulman Bridge that comes with PrusaSlicer does not use any part coolingfans at all, which might be necessary when not using an enclosure but generally leaves the prints looking like a well used dog chew toy.

The GitHub repository with both of these material profiles can be found here. 

 I find that running the part cooling fan very slowly (~10%) really helps with print quality on smaller cross sectional area parts for a lot of the higher temp materials (ABS, ASA, Nylon etc).

In this batch of new materials I also got some Polypropylene and a Polycarbonate-ABS blend both of which I have yet to try.


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