3D printing and OpenSCAD

This week I have been tidying up the new 3D printing profiles that I have developed for a number of weird materials (Nylon 12, ABS Nylon blends etc.) Here is an example of the Nylon 12 Benchy that I am pretty happy with.The GitHub repository with all of the published material profiles can be found here.

I have also started learning some OpenSCAD, which is a really interesting piece of software, the idea is you generate a script that is compiled (for want of a better word) by the software to generate a 3D part. I have been designing a parametric hose adapter with some optional circlip grooves on either end. I may publish this on my Thingiverse page.

I also finalised and published a stiffer version of my LCD mounting arm that I use on my 3D printer enclosure, you can find that here.


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